day 5! i kill tech! parallax scrolling! whoa!

So what do I do instead of t.v.? Well, I’ve spent a lot of time searching out creativity on the internet and I’ve found some amazing things. Parallax scrolling will blow your mind if you haven’t seen it yet! Warning! This is a rabbit hole and you will be lost for a while! This site has the best collection I’ve seen of this dramatic effect.

Specky says:

The parallax scrolling effect, now a firm design trend, is a technique that uses multiple background images that move at different, yet synchronized, speeds as the user scrolls down (also, less popularly, horizontally) a web page. The overall effect gives the viewer a seamless and intriguing browsing experience that just looks damn good!

At the bootom of the page we have also included a selection of tutorials to help get yopu started.


and this is one of the best examples here: