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i kill fat! kale is dope!

Ok I’ve never really gotten into kale, but I’ve been hearing about how amazing it is just sautéed with garlic from everyone, so I looked online to find some recipes. I’ve been on Weight Watchers now since Christmas and have lost about 13 pounds. It’s slow but steady for me. So, I’m always on the look out for satisfying low points meals.

This was so amazing I have to share it cause I could eat this shit every day! Seriously! You have to get the right kind of kale for it to be as good as what I had. I went to  Whole Foods and got the Lady Moon organic lacinato kale… see picture below.

Update! I tried regular kale this week because they were out if this kale and it totally tasted great! So it must be the recipe!


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Hudost Interview- 4th Way Folk

My friends of the band Hudost asked me to do an interview with them about their current album release (4th Way Folk) and  “In Utero” tour.

I had interviewed them in 2010 for Sarasota Music Scene (read here) and relished the chance to submerse myself into their new creative project. Since they are the reason and inspiration to start this blog (read here), I am excited beyond words to give you a glimpse into their amazing lives. Click on the album cover below to buy & listen to the music on Band Camp while you read the interview.

They will be stopping here in Sarasota at Rising Tide International- April 20Get tickets and info here.


4th Way Folk Album Art by Moksha Sommer


“I think is it like anything…we will become what we put our time into. It works the other way around too…what we put our time into will become us.- Moksha”

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day 5! i kill tech! parallax scrolling! whoa!

So what do I do instead of t.v.? Well, I’ve spent a lot of time searching out creativity on the internet and I’ve found some amazing things. Parallax scrolling will blow your mind if you haven’t seen it yet! Warning! This is a rabbit hole and you will be lost for a while! This site has the best collection I’ve seen of this dramatic effect.

Specky says:

The parallax scrolling effect, now a firm design trend, is a technique that uses multiple background images that move at different, yet synchronized, speeds as the user scrolls down (also, less popularly, horizontally) a web page. The overall effect gives the viewer a seamless and intriguing browsing experience that just looks damn good!

At the bootom of the page we have also included a selection of tutorials to help get yopu started.


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day 4- Walking Dead…Can’t turn it on.

On Monday I was so high from the weekend’s events and my thoughts for this blog, that I couldn’t bring myself to turn the t.v. on. Even though we said Monday was t.v. night! Walking Dead was just going to have to wait till I was ready! I blame my bandmates Lova and DeLaran for getting us hooked on Walking Dead! What a bunch of stalkers! Hahahah. See these amazing pictures of Waking Giants meets Walking Dead below when they stalked the cast through the backwoods of Georgia.

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Day 3 – i kill fear

After the amazing Amanda Palmer event. I decided to trash my original merch display for my band  (I had just redone it!) and go with a FREE the Music type of approach a la Miss Amanda Fucking Palmer.



The gig was an amazing success! I felt a new openness in connecting with people and really tried to look into their eyes and see them. Continue reading “Day 3 – i kill fear” »

day 2! the amanda palmer invasion

Day two of no tv! Because we were on line and not watching tv, we found out Amanda Palmer was doing a “ninja gig” at Ringling College of Art and Design. Wow!  What an amazing inspiration. I first heard of Amanda Palmer as the indie musician who raised over a million dollars for her music by running a Kickstarter program. Here’s the video that did it:

Then, I saw her new Ted Talk on the Art of Asking and was completely blown! I have experienced the amazing outreach and response of fans before when I gave away my personal music, but I think I thought my music wasn’t very good and so I couldn’t take money for it. Everyone gave me money that gig and Continue reading “day 2! the amanda palmer invasion” »

I kill tv-the beginning March 16, 2013

It all began with being inspired by my friends new album. They are in a band named Hudost.  I was asked to do an interview/review for their new album “Fourth Way Folk” and little did I know it would inspire a creative revolution in my mind. See their interview here.


After listening to the album through several times this Saturday morning, I got up and took a shower. I was buzzing with creativity and inspiration and really wanted to have more time to create something like this for myself. And then I wondered…were DOES my time go? I should be able to accomplish the many creative things I want to do.

The answer came swiftly and like A BIG DUH floating in the sky, I knew what I had to do. I had to kill my t.v. and take my time back.


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