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i kill tv born in the shower!



I was super excited to read this article entitled “Why You Have Your Best Ideas In The Shower,” because that’s where I thought of i kill tv (Read the post here).

An excerpt from the article points to the drug dopamine.

According to Alice Flaherty, one of the most renowned neuroscientists researching creativity has an answer for us. Another ingredient, that’s very important for us to be creative is dopamine: The more dopamine that is released, the more creative we are, she says:

“People vary in terms of their level of creative drive according to the activity of the dopamine pathways of the limbic system.”

And I thought I was just getting clean! But dopamine alone isn’t enough. We need to Continue reading “i kill tv born in the shower!” »

I kill inequality!


Got married in DC last weekend to my lovely partner of 8 years. If you are like the majority of Americans who think all people are equal and should share equal rights under our CIVIL laws, please sign this petition to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act that is holding our rights hostage:


i kill time- creating boundaries of space & time

This article  at  nails it on the head- “10 reasons why we struggle w/ creativity”. I especially love #9: It’s easier to get numb!

This article is very worth the TIME and so is the John Cleese video on creativity they add at the end (I’ll add it too)…

What John  Cleese says about creativity :

We get our ideas from our unconscious mind. So how can we create a mood that enables creativity to thrive?



1. Create boundaries of space to avoid interruption.

2. Create boundaries of time: give a start and stop time to create this oasis of space.

Now watch the video below and goobe on John Cleese like I did. Full length video is at the end down there.

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