HuDost review and new video skillz!

I was blessed to attend and film HuDost’s  concert at Rising Tide International on April 20, 2013 ( I really wanted to capture some video to share here with everyone (see below), as reading a review just isn’t the same as catching a glimpse of the live experience through video. I also got to learn new video editing skills (yay!) and I am really excited to be pushing my creativity in new directions! The possibilites are endless and very exciting!

HuDost was joined on stage by vocalist Stephanie Heidemann ( and Julian Douglas ( on percussion. I was able to get a good shot of each of them for this montage below. Clockwise below: Moksha Sommer, Jemal Wade Hines, Stephanie Heidemann and Julian Douglas.

HuDostReview650The show was an amazing intimate evening of friends and like minded spiritual seekers and those who just came to enjoy some great music. Moksha was entirely precious with her big pregnant belly and has never looked more beautiful and radiant. Jemal beamed as the proud new father and the show was all the more special as everyone was hyper aware of the little one inside and holding the new family with such love.

HuDost thanked the audience several times for letting them try out their new music on us, but the pleasure was all ours. They played several songs from their new album “Fourth Way Folk” and got a tremendous response from the crowd. The soulful new tunes had many people swaying in their seats and those seated on the floor were focused with rapt attention even though many had their eyes closed.  My new favorites were “Broken”, “Oh My Heart” and “Gravity.” More pictures here at


 Here is their moving version of REM’s song “Oh my Heart” filmed by Claire Franklin and edited by me.


And now for an original song called “Baboom!” This song really got the energy flowing and people up out of their chairs dancing! Take a look!

I am super happy with the way the videos came out. Do you like them? Leave a comment on ikilltv’s YouTube channel and please share with your friends.

For more info about HuDost see below and show them some love!

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HuDost/Open Sesame Music
Jemal Wade Hines & Moksha Sommer