I kill tv-the beginning March 16, 2013

It all began with being inspired by my friends new album. They are in a band named Hudost.  I was asked to do an interview/review for their new album “Fourth Way Folk” and little did I know it would inspire a creative revolution in my mind. See their interview here.


After listening to the album through several times this Saturday morning, I got up and took a shower. I was buzzing with creativity and inspiration and really wanted to have more time to create something like this for myself. And then I wondered…were DOES my time go? I should be able to accomplish the many creative things I want to do.

The answer came swiftly and like A BIG DUH floating in the sky, I knew what I had to do. I had to kill my t.v. and take my time back.


I must have sounded crazy, but I shouted down stairs to my spouse, “I need to go on a tv diet!” …”Huh?” was the response.  We both started Weight Watchers several months ago, so I thought, “Why not give my favorite tv shows a points value as well?”

My DVR works pretty hard recording all my favorite shows and I’m up to quite a few hours a week devoted to catching up with all of them. I wasn’t sure how to start evaluating my favorite shows. My spouse came up with a brilliant idea! Why don’t we watch tv only 2 nights a week to start. Yes!

I thought the weekends should be out for tv watching because that’s when we have the most free time to devote to art. We are in a band, I write, paint, sing…why not add a blog too? I could share my creative journey of killing my tv and help other creatives connect and get inspired. I was buzzing with ideas! So off the t.v. went and pow went the creativity!

I’m convinced at this point that the correct formula for creativity is time=art! I want my time back. See what happened on day two!